Don’t neglect your crawlspace

Crawlspaces are notorious places for odd and/ or defective discoveries found by home inspectors.Mostly unmonitored and left unchecked for long periods of time, defective conditions can be causing harm to your home and can go unnoticed until its to late and problems arise. Your Crawlspace should be entered and inspected at least twice a year,Continue reading “Don’t neglect your crawlspace”

Termite Prevention Tips

✅ Eliminate moisture in and around the home . ✅ Repair Plumbing leaks such as ie. Leaking faucets, dripping hosebibs, loose drain pipes. ✅ Repair/Replace fascias and soffits damaged by gutter / flashing defects. ✅ Direct rain water runoff away from the foundation of the home by use of gutters and downspouts extensions ✅ StoreContinue reading “Termite Prevention Tips”

Don’t Miss out Get a Home Inspection

Dont miss out on an important piece of the homebuying puzzle,dont skip out on the home inspection. The home inspection process will reveal both the positiveand the not so positive about the home your thinking on buying. Information you would want to know, such as possible roof leaks,plumbing issues and other items would be inspectedContinue reading “Don’t Miss out Get a Home Inspection”

Don’t forget an important step, The Home Inspection

Dont forget an important step in your home buying journey! Dont forget the home inspection Know the current condition of your future new homeSo you can make an informed decision on buyingYOUR HOME PLACE A leaking roof can be fixed and Plumbing issues can be resolvedbut these items are better dealt with sooner than later.Continue reading “Don’t forget an important step, The Home Inspection”

Corona Virus Update

March 24, 2020 COVID-19 ( Corona Virus 19 ) Safety Information At Precision Home Inspections Plus we recognize the serious situation of the COVID-19 virus, we also realize the importance of being able to obtain a professional home inspection during a real estate transaction. We will be implementing the following plan per the InterNachi COVIDContinue reading “Corona Virus Update”

Thinking on selling your home?

✅ follow these 7 simple steps to help get ready for a home inspection. ➡️ Ensure all lights bulbs are working and replace burnt out bulbs ➡️ Clean off bathroom exhaust and ensure they are in working order ➡️ Fix broken window seals and replace broken windows ➡️ Check out the Crawlspace and ensure thereContinue reading “Thinking on selling your home?”

Now Serving the state of Tennessee !

we are now serving the state of Tennessee. we are excited to offer the same great service and same great care to all our future clients in the great state of Tennessee! Precision Home Inspections plus is now licensed and offering a full line of home inspection services including: Full home inspection, Pre-listing or Pre-sellContinue reading “Now Serving the state of Tennessee !”

Free Home Energy Report

With every home inspection, Precision Home Inspections plus inculdes a free Home Energy Inspection and Report therfore you know how much it’s going to cost on average to operate your new home. Understand where your hard earn money is going and get insights on ways to improve your energy consumption with a Precision Home EnergyContinue reading “Free Home Energy Report”

Home Energy Inspection

Most home buyers purchase a home without fully understanding what it will cost to operate it. On average most Americans spend around $2200 a year on the utility bills, including heating & cooling cost. Many households could save up to 30% from energy improvements. With our Home Energy Inspection and Report you will have aContinue reading “Home Energy Inspection”